Why it pays to be organised when the NBN comes to town.

The NBN is rolling out across Australia and it is changing the way homes and businesses access the internet and use telephone services. More than 35% of Australian’s are unaware that they need to make changes to the way they access these services or risk being cut off from fixed line telephone and internet services.

When NBN comes to an area the area is declared Ready For Service. This means that a property can get connected to NBN. What a lot of people fail to understand is that they must order an NBN service from one of the many NBN providers out there. If they fail to do this, their existing fixed line broadband and phone service is likely to be disconnected 18 months after the area is declared Ready For Service.
There are a lot of NBN providers out there, and making the choice is not easy. Some key things to look for are unlimited data plans, short or no contracts, low or no set up fee’s and support teams that are open 7 days per week.

As the end of the 18 months draws to a close there is often a rush of customers who are trying to get connected. What this brings is high demand on the NBN technicians in the area. What this means is that some homes and businesses are left short and cannot get connected to the NBN in time before their traditional telephone or internet service is disconnected.

It’s recommended to be organised when your area goes live for NBN. Do your research and order a service well before the cut of time of 18 months.

Moving to the NBN should be a good thing anyway! Faster internet! This means you can stream TV shows, make video calls, and interact on the internet like you’ve never done before.