Why do I need to supply my ULL ID for my new NBN order?

ULL ID number

ULL ID numberYou could be one of the many people out there who have recently ordered NBN and are now being asked by your new NBN ISP for your ULL ID number. This is one additional step that is required by the NBN retail service providers (RSP)to be able to submit an order for a FTTN NBN service. ULL stands for unconditional local loop and refers to the copper cable that runs into your property.
When an RSP places an order for a FTTN NBN service they need to supply either the telephone number associated with the copper line running into the property or the ULL ID. ULL ID is usually used when someone has a naked DSL service of a telephone service that is not part of the Telstra network.

If you are paying line rental for your existing telephone line, then the RSP will likely just need your telephone number. If you have naked DSL or an Optus telephone service, you will likely need to call your ISP or provider and ask them for your ULL ID.

This is an additional confirmation for NBN that they are connecting the NBN service at the correct address and on the correct copper cable. If you have a business with multiple phone lines, it’s important that the correct one is used to connect NBN. You should consider where the telephone socket is for this telephone line as it should be convenient for plugging your modem and any NBN phones in.

When the NBN order is placed the RSP must get a positive POTS match for the address and the ULL ID. Without the positive POTs match any NBN order for this address will fail. This will cause unnecessary delays for the order and will require it to be resubmitted when the required information is available. The POTs match can be confirmed at the time of ordering. So to ensure the speedy delivery of your new NBN service, ensure that you provide your telephone number or check with your naked DSL provider for your ULL ID and supply this during the order submittal.

The ULL ID requirement is only required for FTTN (fibre to the node) NBN orders. All other forms of NBN delivery do not require this.