nbn™ Solutions for Business

When the nbn™ is built and rolled out in your local area, it will be very important for businesses to consider what effects losing their traditional telephone line will cause. What will happen is high speed internet will be rolled out in an area, and after this is available, eventually the old traditional telephone lines will cease to work.

Some areas of Australia will have fibre delivered all the way into their premises, this is known as FTTP or fibre to the premises. Others will have FTTN, a fibre to the node connection. Australian’s in more rural area and small towns will access the nbn™ via fixed wireless or satellite.

Businesses must consider a number of things when the nbn™ comes to town:

  1. What will they do with their business telephone lines?
  2. What will they do with their existing business Internet service?
  3. Do they use their traditional telephone line to connect their EFTPOS/Merchant service?
  4. Does their alarm monitoring service use their existing telephone line to contact the monitoring centre?
  5. Is their existing telephone system compatible with the Internet?

All of these questions must be answered as migrating to the nbn™ will effect all of these. In the case of Australian’s who have FTTP or FTTN they will be forced to migrate onto a high speed Internet service, and all of the above questions must be considered. Australia’s with nbn™ fixed wireless and nbn™ satellite may get to keep their existing copper telephone line, however this may change in the future.

One business that is specialising in helping businesses transition to the nbn™ is IF Business Solutions. They offer nbn™ solutions for businesses across Australia. You can check out their website here: http://www.ifbusinesssolutions.com.au . If nbn™ has come to your area and you have not yet considered the 5 points above, give IF Business Solutions a call today or visit their website.